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Composition and structure

2016-01-18 15:44

Composition and structure
1:: oil circulation system
Before start, start the oil pump control system, control system of oil pump start air compressor lubricated components to ensure the good lubrication, the oil pump control system can be adjusted by temperature control valve built-in internal pressure and temperature, in order to meet the demand of the system.
2: the gas circulation system
When the compressor, air is inhaled self-cleaning air filter, automatic cleaning filter through the PLC, air in through the inlet guide vane automatic regulation into a compressed, the gas temperature is higher level after compression, and then enter the middle cooler (water pipe, gas pipe, intercooler water flow requirements for 110m/h) after entering the two stage compression system, in order to avoid the gas in the system into a compression chamber (to avoid the pressure in the exhaust pipe of the compressor start) equipped with a hanging full swing check valve, the gas compressor discharge pushed open the valve into the exhaust muffler, and then into a level cooler after cooler, level two, then enters the main exhaust pipeline.
3: water circulation system
Cooling water through the pipe into the air compressor intercooler for gas compression exhaust cooling, into the cooler for cooling the exhaust, a cooling water inlet pipe through two groups of heat exchanger cooling motor windings and the upper part of the main motor, the way of oil cooler for cooling.