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How to Use the Firefighting Air Compressor

2016-01-18 15:43

Fire air breathing apparatus is a kind of self open air breathing apparatus, which is widely used in fire fighting, chemical, shipbuilding, oil, metallurgy, warehouse, laboratory, mining and other departments, for firefighters or rescue and ambulance crews in the smoke, gas, steam or oxygen to all sorts of conditions such as safely and effectively for the fire fighting, rescue and disaster relief and rescue work. This series of products with a wide field of vision, full of bright, good airtight cover, air supply device that is equipped with a small volume, light weight, stable performance of the new type air supply valve. Use high strength back and safety coefficient of high quality high pressure cylinders. Pressure reducing valve device is equipped with residual gas alarm, within the prescribed scope of cylinder pressure, to the wearer sound signal, remind use personnel to evacuate the scene in time. Firefighting Breathing Air Compressor is widely used in fire control, industrial, diving, ships, military, police.
It is the preoperational check of fire air breathing apparatus that should have good Firefighting Air Compressor including the following points. Firstly,  open the switch, air bottle storage pressure within the cylinder for 25 to 30 mpa commonly, with piping, pressure relief system rise, will hear a pressure alarm. Secondly, close the cylinder valve, observe the pressure gauge reading changes, within 5 min, the pressure gauge reading down should be less than 2 mpa, good for piping high-pressure air tightness. Otherwise, shall check the tightness of the joint parts. Thirdly, through the supply valve lever, and gently push the supply valve diaphragm group, make the air slowly out of line, when the pressure dropped to 4 ~ 6 mpa, pressure alarm should alarm sounds, and continuous ring to the pressure gauge indicating value is close to zero. Otherwise, you should check alarm again. Fourthly, the pressure gauge is damaged, its connection is firm. Fifthly, medium pressure conduit ageing, do you have any cracks, with and without leakage, it supply and valve, quick connectors, pressure reducer connection is strong, with or without damage.
Sixthly, Supply valve action is flexible, whether is short, it is strong and medium pressure conduit connections, if damaged. Supply valve and exhalation valve matches. Take out, open the cylinder switch, press the supply valve lever in work condition. On the inhale, supply valve should supply, there is a clear "hissing" sound. When exhaling or breathless, supply valve to stop gas supply, there is no "hissing" sound, good matching. Seventhly, check the comprehensive cover lens, lace-up, ring seal, exhalation valve, vacuum valve is in good condition, with shape and supply the connection position is correct, whether the connection is firm. Full enclosure keep negative pressure, under the effect of atmospheric pressure full-face facial movement to the human body, feel breathing difficulties, prove comprehensive cover and exhalation valve has good air tightness.
It is the wearing method about the fire air breathing apparatus that is equiped with the High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor. Firstly, when wearing, quick joint first disconnect, and then will be back in the human body back, according to the shape good shoulder straps, belts and fasten to, it is advisable to secure, comfortable fit. Secondly, the comprehensive cover on the lace-up set around the neck, long before use fully cover the chest, to suck the wear, then will pick good quick connectors. Thirdly, supply the valve switch in the closed position, open the air bottle switch. Fourthly, wear a full-face for 2 ~ 3 deep breaths, should feel at ease. Breathless or exhale, should stop gas supply valve, there is no "hissing" sound. Press the supply valve lever with the hand, check whether the open or closed. When everything is all right, will be fully cover with tighten, tighten degree with both to ensure the tightness and feels comfortable, no obvious tenderness is advisable. Fifthly, leave the scene to safe place, will be fully cover with clip to loosen, took his full cover.