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Brief Introduction to Bottle Blowing Air Compressor

2016-01-18 15:43

Bottle Blowing Air Compressor is one prominent kind of Air Compressors that are popularly used in the bottle blowing industry. PET is a popular material of PET air compressor and PET air compressor is the main body of air blowing devices, which is also called Pet Bottle Blowing Air Compressor. The mechanical energy is transformed into gas energy through it. And it is widely applied in the mechanical industry. Pet Bottle Blowing Air Compressor is treated as a pressure generator.
With Blow Moulding Air Compressor, much pressure could be produced when the gas energy is made in the bottle. Blow Air Compressor could be divided into low pressure ones, ones of medium pressure and high pressure ones. The Cocacola bottles and other bottles of beverages are made blowed with such air compressor.
However, beverage manufacturers have to choose appropriate air compressors under different pressure according to their own preferences. The average pressure is 0.7-1.25. Under normal condition, air compressor of medium pressure is sufficient enough.
Material is one of the most important parameters that people have to take into consideration. Plastic Blow Moulding Air Compressor and PET Blow Moulding Air Compressor are of course, lighter than stainless stell ones. However, many people may question about the durability and strength of it. In fact, superior Plastic Blow Moulding Air Compressor is quite durable and there is no need for people to worry whether it is durable or not.
Nowadays Air Compressor which does not make use of oil is quite popular. The air condensed with the use of such Air Compressor is quite pure. No lubricating oil is added in the compressor, so that the air released through it is also quite clean, which maintains safe and clean blowing process. Besides, constant oil filling process could be removed with the use of air compressor containing no oil.
In fact, Blow Moulding Air Compressor could not only be used to blow bottles, it could also be used in the pharmaceutical, electronic and health industry. Another prominent factor except for durability and pressure is the noise level. Now more and more manufacturers producing Blow Moulding Air Compressor compete in the endeavor to produce compressors releasing low noise. Previously the Blow Moulding Air Compressors are quite noisy, which would make the whole plant to be noisy. Improvements are made now on it with many noisy reducing devices being installed on it, so that workers could embrace a better working condition now.