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  • How to fill a scuba tank

    2019-05-20 09:46:35
    FILL AIR TANKS 1. Connect the hose to air tanks a.The tanks max pressure must be bigger than the compressor rated working pressure b.Check the hose well c.Connect the hose to air tanks,and open the air tank valve d.Open the drain valve 2. C
  • Why chosse UFo compressor?

    2016-01-18 15:45:21
    Shanghai UFo Compressor System Co.,Ltd is Chinese earliest high pressure breathing air compressor manufacturer. UFo 20~30Mpa high pressure breathing air compressor is widely used for scuba diving firefighting breathing,coal mine safety, pai
  • Composition and structure

    2016-01-18 15:44:38
    Composition and structure 1:: oil circulation system Before start, start the oil pump control system, control system of oil pump start air compressor lubricated components to ensure the good lubrication, the oil pump control system can be ad
  • why compressor can not reaches the set working pressure

    2016-01-18 15:44:13
    1. Drain valve not close tightly,or pipe leakage( Fasten the drain valve ) 2. Last stage safety valve failure( Adjust or replace last stare safety valve ) 3. Piston rings worn( Replace piston rings ) 4. Pipe connector loose( Fasten the conn
  • How to replace air filters

    2016-01-18 15:44:02
    The compressed air for breathing is determined by filter,which is filled with active carbon,molecular sieve, filter must be replace periodically. Please refer to the form below,if you find there is unpleasant smell,replace immediately. ☆u
  • How to Use the Firefighting Air Compressor

    2016-01-18 15:43:40
    Fire air breathing apparatus is a kind of self open air breathing apparatus, which is widely used in fire fighting, chemical, shipbuilding, oil, metallurgy, warehouse, laboratory, mining and other departments, for firefighters or rescue and
  • Brief Introduction to Bottle Blowing Air Compressor

    2016-01-18 15:43:18
    Bottle Blowing Air Compressor is one prominent kind of Air Compressors that are popularly used in the bottle blowing industry. PET is a popular material of PET air compressor and PET air compressor is the main body of air blowing devices, wh
  • The Family Members Of the Diving Air Compressor

    2016-01-18 15:42:56
    As most of us know, the scuba diving air compressor or the portable scuba diving air compressor is regarded as the heart of the refrigeration system. Whats more, there is a term which can perform the characteristics of the scuba diving air c
  • The Diving Air Compressor has Become Our Friends

    2016-01-18 15:31:44
    The compressor is a kind of the driven fluid machinery which can lift the low pressure gas up to the high-pressure gas. Its the heart of the refrigeration system, inhaling the refrigerant gas of the low temperature and low pressure from the
  • Various Types of Breathing Air Compressors

    2016-01-18 15:31:19
    A Breathing Air Compressor is a gas compressor that can provide breathing air directly to a surface-supplied diver, or fill diving cylinders with high-pressure air pure enough to be used as a breathing gas. A Low Pressure Breathing Air Compr